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Beautiful Weddings in Dublin

Malicia & Flavios Wedding

I let flavio do most of the organising for our big day I had watched “Don’t tell the bride” a numerous of times and thought he could be very good at that for he’s like organizing himself so left him to it and he didn’t disappoint, we picked and chose most of the things together but left most of the stress to him but I kept the biggest secret from him for our big day... I had surprised him with his dream motorcycle. I really set the bar high,....Triumph Bonneville!

He was so shocked he couldn’t believe it was his and even got to have a spin around the green of the hotel on the big day!

Tell us a little about how you met

Malicia and I met in italy in the Summer of 2004,...yep it’s 14 years!!!! 

Going back to italy every year to the village where my parents were born Malicia happened to be there at the same time that year. I had spotted Mali around the village a few times thinking to myself.. hmm, she’s very cute and must admit I was a little shy to approach her.

During my 2 weeks we had also gone to the beach together with a group of friends but me being a little shy didn’t really talk so it all kicked off the last night of the holiday on the steps of the local towns council, Mali had walked over to me sitting down and after 10 minutes of chatting I asked her if she fancied going to the nightclub and she happily said yes, from there the first kiss then onto my first trip to Belgium in October of that year and her first trip to Ireland the following November, only being just over an hour by plane, we were loved up enough to keep the long distance relationship for the next 4 years until she decided to surprise me and move to Ireland in 2008.

 We have 2 beautiful daughters, our first daughter Mila was born in 2012 and our second daughter Asia in 2014, I then ask her to marry me on her 30th birthday in June of 2015, and set the date for the 2nd of July 2017 and thought Fitzpatrick Castle would be the perfect venue for us.


The ceremony was perfect, beautiful and emotional. It had everything from the stretched out green lawns of the castle grounds with the castle towering behind us together with our guests who traveled from Belgium, Italy and all over Ireland along with the weather...the setting was perfect.

We couldn’t have asked for more from the hotel staff, they really made us feel like king and queen in a castle and to the wonderful civil servent, Siobhan and to the beautiful sound of the harp playing in the background.

Fitzpatrick Castle Wedding Planner

It was an absolute pleasure for ourselves to have Jill and Sarah looking after us over the last year and a half, I'm sure not a lot of people would have
Had the both of you looking after them.

Everything over the last year and a half all came down to a day and a half of pure perfection thank you so much over all, we couldn't fault you guys in the hotel from the kitchen to the service in the hotel,...amazing! We enjoyed every minute of it.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories

I in the meantime, Malicia, looking for the perfect dress isn’t all that easy. First I went to Belgium to look for the dress along with my maid of honour and my mum. We couldn’t find the one so it wasn’t until the summer of 2016 I happened to find my perfect dress in ITALY.

Hair & Makeup

My hair was done by Michelle O’Connor who works in fusion hairdressers in Dun Laoghaire, a friend of Daniella one of my bridesmaids. My make up was done by a family friend Nikki Vecchio who works in House of Fraser in Dundrum. They did a fantastic job on making the girls and I look fantastic for the big day.