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Dalkey Gyms Fitness Class Timetable

Spinning, Aqua Aerobics & TRX Circuit


This class involves a combination of resistance and toning exercises targeting the major muscle groups.  This call will strengthen and condition muscles and improve fitness levels.

Aqua Aerobics

A cardiovascular workout in the Pool. Exercises and movements are harder and more demanding in the increased pressure of the water. Strengthens your heart, lungs, muscles and increases bone density. Ideal too for rehabilitation from injury as part of a prescribed program due to the non-impact nature of the activity.

TRX Circuit

This is a full-body workout using the suspension bands. Develops strength, balance, stability, core plus more. This is a great dynamic workout to improve overall fitness levels.

Suitable for all levels of fitness


High-Intensity Interval Training – A variety of high-paced exercises for a short amount of time. HIIT is considered to be much more effective than normal cardio because the intensity is higher and you increase both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Guaranteed to get the Heart Rate going and the most effective was of Burning Fat. 


The ultimate work out solely aimed at toning up the abdominal area. With a little persistence, determination, and effort, truly sculpting your abdominal muscles is attainable for most individuals.

Rev It/Spinning

This class offers you a high-energy form of fitness and simulates the varied challenges found in road cycling. You’re pedaling as hard as you can, the music is pumping, the air around you is hot and sweaty… 


A unique class developed by The Club as the ultimate workout experience.  20 minutes of intense Indoor Cycling followed by a 20-minute circuit-based session.  Hits all major muscle groups and is excellent for improving fitness.


Fitness Class Timetable 


6.45 am Bootcamp - 30 mins

9.15 am Transform – 45 mins

10.15 am 20/20 – 45 mins

12.00 pm Aqua Aerobics- 45 mins

6.45 pm Rev It – 45 mins

7.30 pm Ab Solution – 15 mins

7.30 pm Rev It – 30 mins

8.00 pm Aqua Aerobics (pool) – 45 mins

8.15 pm Yoga – Improvers – 75 mins



7.15 am Rev Max – 45 mins

9.00 am Yoga – 60 mins

10.15 am TRX Circuit Training – 45 mins

6.30 pm Rev It – 30 mins

7.00 pm Transform – 45 mins



6.45am Instructors Pick - 30 mins

10.15 am Transform – 45 mins

11.15 am Yoga – 75 mins

6.30 pm Rev It – 30 mins

7.15 pm Bootcamp – 45 mins



6.45am Circuit Training - 30 mins

9.00 am Yoga – 60 mins

10.15 am Rev It – 30 mins

12.00 pm Aqua Aerobics (pool) – 45 mins

6.15 pm Ab-Solution – 15 mins

6.30 pm Rev It – 30 mins

7.15 pm Yoga – Beginners – 60 mins

7:30 WOD - 30 mins 



8.20 Yoga - 60 mins

9.30 am Rev It – 30 mins

10.15 am Transform – 45 mins



9.00 am Instructors Pick – 45 mins


10.15 am Transform – 45 mins



Contact Keith for information or register at the Club Reception. 01 2305561